To prioritize America, we must reconnect with the essence of what America truly represents. This is the essence of America First 2.0.

Vivek is confronting the urgent challenges confronting the nation today. From rekindling our shared national identity to energizing our economy and breaking free from the grip of communist China, Vivek’s strategy is centered on a revitalized nation, not a fractured one.

America First didn’t emerge in 2016; its roots trace back to 1776. This demands not just a desire for retribution and grievances but moral authority.

Vivek is unapologetically pursuing this vision through his 25 policy commitments:

Revive American National Identity

  • Use the military, including drones, to secure our southern border
  • End affirmative action: repeal Lyndon Johnson’s executive order 11246
  • Protect American children: ban addictive social media under age 16 & gender confusion “care” for minors
  • Make political expression a civil right & end unlawful DEI indoctrination
  • Withhold federal funding for cities that refuse to protect Americans from violent crime


Unleash the American Economy

  • Drill, frack & burn coal: abandon the climate cult & unshackle nuclear energy
  • Put Americans back to work: dismantle Lyndon Johnson’s failed “Great Society”
  • Incentivize trade schools over hollow college degrees (sorry, gender studies majors)
  • Launch deregulatory “Reagan 2.0” revolution: cut >75% headcount amongst U.S. regulators
  • Limit the U.S. Fed’s scope: stabilize the dollar & nothing more


Declare Independence from Communist China

  • Hold the CCP accountable for Covid-19: use all financial levers

  • Achieve semiconductor independence: secure our modern way of life

  • Stop CCP affiliates from buying American land

  • Use our military to annihilate Mexican drug cartels: defend against the CCP’s opium war

  • Ban U.S. businesses from expanding in China until the CCP stops cheating

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